Types of Document Shredding Services for Your Business

Even in this digital age, businesses still rely greatly on printed documents for storing information. These documents generally contain sensitive data or information of clients, customers or employees which businesses don’t want others to see. To prevent exposure of sensitive data, various frauds, and corporate espionage, it is important for businesses to properly dispose of their sensitive documents.

The best way to get rid of these documents is by hiring the services of a registered shredding company. Proper document destruction is vital for the protection of customer records, employee information, and any other business information.

Here are common document shredding services for your business:

1. Off-site shredding

In off-site shredding, all your documents are collected and transported to the nearest shredding facility center. As the documents are stored and destroyed at the shredding provider’s facility, there are slightly increased security risks in this shredding method. You can’t personally oversee the shredding process and the process tends to involve more personnel, which ups the risk of human error. However, despite the disadvantages, off-site shredding is still the most popular shredding option and a cheaper option as compared to on-site shredding.

2. On-site shredding

As per the name, all your documents are shredded at your office or on your premises. It is also known as mobile document shredding. Usually, a shredding truck visits your organization and shreds your documents on site. One of the main advantages of onsite shredding is that your documents are shredded right in front of you. Also, there are no chances of documents being misplaced as you control the transfer of documents from your office to the shredder.

The benefits of choosing a responsible and professional document shredding company that understands the requirements of your organization are numerous.

If you want peace of mind and are looking for the best shredding services in the Fort Worth and Dallas, then Instant Shredding, Inc. can help you no matter what kind of business you have.

We offer secure and reliable document shredding services for businesses throughout Dallas, Grapevine and Fort Worth. With our various shredding services, you can remain tension free as the papers will be taken care of by a trusted service provider.

For more information visit www.instantshredding.com or request a quote for shredding services in Fort Worth and Texas.

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